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Promise of Perfection

Klare pieces are defined
by our signature seamless
experience, unparalleled quality
and exquisite precision.
Because luxury is our baseline.

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Promise of Luxury

Our process is simple.
You dream it, you have it.
Every piece is created around you
without sacrificing style, clarity, budget
and quality.

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Promise of Clarity

Integrity is our trademark. It’s
our guiding principle that ensures
that the diamonds you own are
of the highest caliber, purchased
with distinct transparency.

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Why Klare?

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, why can they be so intimidating? A moment in time, a memory to be remembered by a uniquely custom diamond creation should be magic and we’re here to reclaim that; to redefine fine jewelry. From our unique position as diamond suppliers as well as personal jewelers, we have access to the most coveted stones to fit any budget. If you can dream it, we can make it happen and still exceed your expectations. We’re your personal jewelry concierge intent on putting the magic back into moments.