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Welcome to Klare Jewelers: Your Personal Jewelry Concierge

Design Philosophy

True to our brand name, our ethos is clarity. From the impeccable stones we use to our legendary concierge service and precisely seamless process, transparency is our philosophy. Every piece celebrates beauty from within-it’s what gives our diamonds their exclusive sparkle, it’s what makes your jewelry clearly Klare.


Located on New York City’s most glittering street, the Klare workshop takes it’s place among 47th street’s most legendary. Our collections are curated with a delicate precision that can only come from the Klare workshop. Highly skilled and master craftsmen, our diamond graders, cutters, setters and polishers work in tandem with our in-house designer to bring the Klare vision and promise to the showcase. Klare designs are aesthetically whimsical yet notably durable, engineered to become heirlooms. Our promise is luxurious perfection and we always over deliver.

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