About Us


We dream it and design it on 47th Street in New York City. We believe that each and every design should celebrate the beauty of our diamonds and the woman who wears them. Klare designs have a signature lightness, seeming to float weightlessly. They are open and airy, allowing skin to peek through and more light into the diamonds to enhance their brilliance


The Klare workshop is located in our New York City office on 47th street. Diamond graders, cutters, setters and polishers work closely with our designer to bring our vision to life. Once crafted, each piece is studied by the Klare Quality Assurance team to ensure these heirlooms-in-the making will stand the test of time. Performance matters when it comes to jewelry. Great care, calculation and precision is required to ensure settings are at once delicate and sturdy, diamond stud earrings maintain their balance as if defying gravity and necklaces sit in exactly the right place and roll only when intended to do so. We also recognize that, like our diamonds, no two customers are exactly alike. We invite you to visit our Workshop for a custom fitting if ever required.