Eternity X Klare

Eternity X Klare

Here's How It Works

Start Your Sparkle Story

Choose three stone
variations (shapes and sizes)
to try on at home.

Write Your Sparkle Story

Once your box arrives, put your hair up and start sparkling! Complete the included checklist to let us know which shape, size, gallery style and gold color you want for your eternity band. 

Publish Your Sparkle Story

Using the pre-paid return label, send back your box (with all the items undamaged) within 5 business days of receiving it. We'll be in touch regarding the final pricing of your ring and let our craftsmen know to start working on it.

Live Your Sparkle Story:

Your ring will arrive by mail within six weeks of confirmation so you can live happily ever after!


What Does Eternity x Klare Cost?

Upon checkout, $100 will be charged to your card and will be applied toward the final cost of your eternity band. In order to receive the full amount, the box must be returned within the allotted time frame and with all items (aside from the hair tie) inside showing no sign of damage. 

What's In The Box?

You will receive three sample rings of your choosing made of sterling silver and cubic zirconia stones as well as a finger sizer, instructions and a free gift! Note: Your final ring will be the same style as the sample ring but crafted with gold and diamonds. 

How Does Shipping Work?

Your box will be shipped overnight via UPS within 2 business days of when the order was placed. A return label will be in the box and it must be scanned by the carrier within 5 business days of receipt in order for the full $100 credit to be applied.